"I needed my friends. I needed my friends around and they weren’t there. I guess if I really was their best friend, I should have mattered. But I guess I didn’t."

— A part from my old suicide letter I found (via undo-my-scars)

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*closes fridge door and hears stuff fall in it*

well… sounds like a problem for the next person

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parks and rec: a summary

  • everyone: andy no
  • april: andy yes


whenever i buy new clothes i take them home and im just like yo what the fuck did i wear before i had this

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a moment of silence for the english teachers that have to read angsty 13 year old creative writing

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  • me: are there any spirits listening
  • ouija: yes are you alone
  • me: yes
  • ouija: haha nice whats up :P
  • me: trying to contact my dead grandmother
  • ouija: cool cool so what would u be doing if i was alive right now lol